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  • Freddie Mac: Boomers, Gen Xers less interested in buying a home

    Affordability concerns push more toward renting
    As affordability continues to be a growing concern, more segments of the population, especially Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, are showing less interest in buying a home. What’s more, about 50% of Baby Boomers who are currently renting do not think they will ever buy a home in the future.
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  • Millennials lead all other generations in buying homes

    Most likely generation to use Realtors
    Millennials held the highest share of home buying activity out of all other generations for the fifth consecutive year. Just over one-third of all home purchases were made by Millennials, however, low levels of housing inventory and higher home prices continue to hold back many potential buyers.
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  • Rental listing service reports Baby Boomers leaving homeownership in droves

    Boomer renting population surges 28%
    Over the past few years, the largest spike in renters hasn’t come from Millennials, but rather, Baby Boomers. While it is unclear why Baby Boomers are suddenly turning to renting, some factors could include a change in lifestyle, consequences of the housing crash or an inability to downsize due to lack of affordable homes.
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  • Fannie Mae: Boomers won’t own their home free and clear before retirement

    Lagging previous generations in outright homeownership
    While Baby Boomers criticize Millennials for waiting longer than previous generations to buy a home, Boomers themselves are failing to keep up with the pace set by the generation before them. Although they had an accelerated rate of free and clear homeownership after the recession, even the youngest Boomers won’t reach the same rate as previous generations.
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  • Here’s why Baby Boomers keep Millennials from buying homes

    They're just going to stay put, thank you very much
    A new study shows the greatest obstacle to the housing inventory shortages plaguing the market: Baby Boomers. As it turns out, this generation prefers to age in place, much like previous generations. The difference this time, however, is the sudden increase in the population of 55 to 74 years.
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  • Here are the top 10 metros for empty nesters

    Pricey markets hold high concentrations
    As the Baby Boomer population continues to age, the population of empty nesters is growing larger, hitting 15.5% of all households in 2015. But where these empty nesters choose to live may actually surprise you. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Zillow names the top 10.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Silver bullet: Reverse mortgages offer golden opportunity for profitable loan growth

    Retiring Baby Boomers are sitting on $6.2 trillion in home equity
    Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey found that 37% of senior homeowners felt concern for their finances during retirement, yet only 6% of seniors are interested in utilizing home equity as a financial solution. With $6.2 trillion in home equity to bolster retirement income, why aren’t more senior homeowners taking advantage of products like reverse mortgages? 
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  • The Great Baby Boomer Retirement Plan: Downsize your life

    Merrill Lynch study shows generation increasingly looks to rent
    Baby Boomers are preparing for retirement and as they do, the generation is looking increasingly to downsize. Nearly half, in fact, are giving up on the dream of homeownership entirely. As humans live longer, many must consider a wide range of course corrections in order to enjoy a secure retirement.
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