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  • Amazon and Realogy gang up on Zillow to entice homebuyers

    You purchase toilet paper, computers and paper towels through the Amazon website. Now, you can buy your next house. The world’s largest retailer is partnering with Realogy, the largest U.S. residential brokerage, to match homebuyers with real estate agents through a program called TurnKey. In return, customers get up to $5,000 of Amazon products and services. And, yes, that includes Alexa-enabled smart home devices.

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  • Get ready for a housing triple dip

    The spring buying season is showing early promise with an 11% rise in April from the record low in March. One would hope the good news would lead to rising home prices. At the REthink Symposium held by HousingWire early this week, some market analysts felt prices may appreciate somewhat on the weak rise in demand. If so, it won't last. And if that price appreciation marks the end of the double dip, then it's time we prepare for the triple dip. Furthermore, brace yourself for a sector that will keep seeing its share of scoops.
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  • The BofA-GSE settlement: Were we robbed, or not?

    The year started with a big surprise — the Jan. 3 announcement that Bank of America [stock BAC][/stock] had reached an agreement with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on "substantially" all currently outstanding repurchase requests on loans sold by Countrywide to the government-sponsored enterprises.
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  • US investors in Europe finish what the Fed starts

    Last week the Federal Reserve released data on its bailout activity. Not surprisingly, the Fed was revealed as the central bank for the world. The Fed appears to relish the role, considering the rate of jubilant buying and selling of swaps with sovereign banks, especially in cases where those countries could create some sort of solution on their own. And while the American public may currently detest all things banking, the Fed activities have won the hearts and minds of Europe's banks, thereby opening the floodgates of opportunity.
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  • Will the Double Dip in Real Estate Go Commercial?

    In his column on Monday, Paul Jackson presented his take on the likely double dip in the US housing market. This turned my attention to the usual suspect, often one step behind the residential market: commercial real estate. But whether CRE will follow suit, as the market thought was customary, is an issue of great debate, I found.
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