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  • Beating Basel into American submission

    Federal Reserve Gov. Daniel Tarullo talked to a room full of lawyers Friday about implementing international bank regulation in America. And if that alone didn't confuse me enough, he dropped this Basel III bombshell: "I expect that we will, among other things, suggest recalibration of certain deposit run-off and commitment draw-down rates, as well as modification of the buffer definition to place a greater focus on the liquidity characteristics of assets, as opposed to such things as the credit ratings associated with the assets."
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  • The bank risk Basel is missing

    Inside the thought-process of global bank stabilizer, the Bank of International Settlements, many things change over the years. The consortium of central banks is charged with setting the standard that provides a measure of a financial institution's core strength and tends to adopt new standards yearly. Mandates to maintain these traits are packed in the continually evolving Basel accords.
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  • Why Basel III is not enough

    Now that summer is over and I have recovered from the shock of Dodd-Frank, we have Basel III on the horizon. Basel III moves in some predictable directions, but -- focusing exclusively on capital – still falls short of meaningful reform that addresses the propensity for future crises.
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  • Tower of Basel

    Mortal that I am, I have been really confused about how US bank regulators -- notably the Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -- coordinate when they make safety and soundness regulations for US banks.
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  • The New and Improved Cracks in the Bank Capital Framework

    Last week and the week before, the European parliament heard testimony from a number of expert sources on the proposals to revamp Basel 2, the set of banking policies created and maintained by the Switzerland-based Bank of International Settlements (BIS). The set of reforms still under consideration are currently using the working title "Basel 3" -- and like it or not, this change is coming, and coming in ways that will almost certainly effect the global economy, the big banks, and your bottom line.
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