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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Inside the housing economy's monster news weekend

    Your MBA / Fed / Fannie / Freddie / Kilauea / California housing update!
    The MBA Secondary mood is so.... Plus, Texas jobs are booming, with no end in sight. New York and San Francisco startups promise to find people to co-live with each other. Plus, Fannie and Freddie risk-sharing bond performance updated. And, this person claims to have single-handedly caused the housing crisis in California. Plus, even more.
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  • Crowdfunding lending platform Groundfloor turns to crowdfunding to raise money, for itself

    Aims to raise $7 million by inviting public to buy shares in company
    Groundfloor, a real estate lending platform that raises its loan funds via crowdfunding from the public, is turning to crowdfunding to raise money for something else – itself. But, the company is not going the Initial Public Offering route via the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq. Rather, Groundfloor is launching an online public offering, in which it’s seeking to raise more than $7 million from the public.
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  • Crowdfunding platform Groundfloor boosts lending capability by $100 million

    Deal with Direct Access Capital allows company to significantly grow lending base
    Groundfloor, a residential real estate crowdfunding platform, is set to grow its business thanks to a new agreement with Direct Access Capital, a specialty finance company focused on providing liquidity to non-bank lenders of short-term, residential-backed business loans. Through a whole loan purchase relationship with Direct Access Capital, Groundfloor plans to increase its loan origination volume and expand its product offerings over the next year to the tune of $100 million.
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  • Foreign investment in U.S. real estate surges 49%

    Fueled by increase in Canadian buyer volume
    Transaction growth from foreign buyers exploded over the past year, climbing a full 49%, to an all-new high. While Chinese investors hold the number one spot on U.S. real estate investment, the sudden surge can be credited to a hike in sales volume among Canadian buyers, whose unprecedented growth also hit a new high.
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  • Mortgage REIT stocks on the rise?

    Some, but not all, appreciation in the double digits
    Although some areas fared better than others, overall REITs seem to be on the rise, with some making stock gains even in the double digits. But, as with all stocks, be careful on what you pick.
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  • Congress eases curbs on foreign real-estate investors

    This could bring billions of dollars of additional investment
    The current law, known as the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act, subjects foreign investors to income tax when they sell U.S. property. It was initially passed in 1980, a time when there were fears that foreign investors including the Japanese might buy up large swaths of the country and its farmland. Is this era over?
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  • Real estate investor jailed for $5M Ponzi scheme

    Promised investors high returns on foreclosed properties
    A real estate investor was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison for running a scheme that promised victims big returns on reselling foreclosed properties. But as the snake ate its tail, authorities closed in on the high-living investor.
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