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  • Zillow planning expansion of its home buying business in Southwest

    Establishes "Southwest Hub" for Zillow Offers in Phoenix
    It's been just over a year since Zillow expanded its business from simply facilitating the home sale to actually buying houses itself. Zillow has big plans for its home buying business, recently revealing that its current goal is to be able to buy 5,000 homes per month within as little as three years. To get there, Zillow will have to fortify and expand its home buying operations, and the online real estate giant took a step in that direction.
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  • Arizona real estate fraudster jailed for defrauding Hispanic families

    Gets more than 7 years in jail plus 6 years of probation
    The owner of several Arizona real estate companies will spend more than seven years in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding dozens of Hispanic families out of millions of dollars. According to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Francisco Aguirre used several real estate companies to prey on 40 families in Arizona by seemingly selling them a home. But, in reality, Aguirre did not actually sell the properties in question to the supposed buyers.
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  • New Arizona law removes citywide Airbnb restrictions

    Municipalities can no longer restrict short-term rentals
    Airbnb and other short-term rental websites could soon become more popular in the state of Arizona thanks to a new law that took effect on January 1. According to a report from the Arizona Daily Sun, the state’s new laws stipulate that cities, towns, and counties cannot put any restrictions on short-term rentals “simply because the property is not classified as a hotel.”
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  • New American Funding expands in Arizona

    Seeks to reach Hispennial population
    New American Funding just opened its eighth branch location in Arizona. The company plans to focus on the area's thriving Hispennial population, and brought in a new branch manager to lead the effort.
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  • Cenlar expands operations in Arizona

    Opens new office in Tempe
    Loan servicing provider Cenlar FSB announced it expanded its operations outside of New Jersey and moved into new office space in Tempe, Arizona. The new western location will be the site of Cenlar’s West Operations Center.
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  • Phoenix bans plywood for vacant REOs

    Transparent plastic covers are now required
    Phoenix residents and government officials decided to take a stand against blight in the city, passing a first-of-its-kind city ordinance. Plywood is out. SecureView is in.
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  • Arizona Realtor cleared to use drone to show homes

    FAA grants first exemption for real estate photography
    An Arizona Realtor has become the first to gain authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to use a drone for real estate photography. But Douglas Trudeau said he's not going to charge his clients any extra for the use of the drone.
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