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  • Seattle unites to save historic music venue from being bulldozed for apartments

    In face of multifamily development, Seattle fights tooth-and-nail for historic Showbox theater
    Advocates won a big victory in their quest to save the historic Showbox theater in Seattle, which was on the cusp of being demolished and replaced by a brand new apartment tower development. The Seattle City Council passed an ordinance this week to temporarily expand the Pike Place Market Historic District to include the site of the legendary music hall, thereby saving the building, for now.
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  • Chicago ordinance brings property preservation to the forefront

    The decision by the Chicago City Council requiring banks, mortgage servicers and institutional investors to maintain vacant properties before the homes complete the foreclosure process is no surprise. Frustrated by an expanding number of such properties — 18,320 by some expert estimates, with two-thirds in the process of foreclosure for more than a year — city officials there are searching for some way to keep them intact and not feed further problems such as vandalism, deterioration and unhealthy conditions. Revenue generation is another motivation, but often secondary.
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  • MCS Wins Government Property Preservation Contract

    Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), a Tampa, Fla.-based property preservation and inspection services provider, said recently that it had been awarded a contract with U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to perform property preservation work for the government.
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