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  • Housing industry applauds Trump’s State of the Union address

    But will the booming economy solve housing affordability issues?
    As expected, the president touched on topics such as recently passed tax reform and the ongoing immigration debate in his State of the Union address Tuesday night. Housing experts applauded the president’s speech, but one pointed out that while Trump’s claimed the economy is booming, low levels of affordability and rising home prices continue to plague the housing market.
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  • Economic growth slows in fourth quarter

    An unexpected slowdown
    Economic growth unexpectedly slowed in 2017's fourth quarter with GDP increasing 2.6%, according to an advance estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. For 2017, the economy grew 2.3%, an increase from the 1.5% growth seen in 2016.
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  • Experts: 2018 set to be best economic year since housing crisis

    Increase in construction jobs is just what housing market needed
    Although December’s job report numbers disappointed experts’ expectations, many explained that the end-of-year increase in construction jobs is just what the housing market needed. One expert explained that despite the lower than expected increase in December, the jobs market remains strong, and is a key reason why the economy is poised for its best year since the crisis in 2018.
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  • These will be the top 10 housing markets of 2018

    Only one California city makes the list
    As 2018 sets into motion, several metros across the U.S. are emerging as possible contenders for the year’s top housing markets. explained that people are going to continue to seek out pockets of affordability that remain in the market.
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  • Fannie Mae: We expect 2017 to go out with a bang

    GDP to come in at 2.5% for the year
    This year is almost over, and it will end on a cheerful note, or so says the December 2017 Economic and Housing Outlook from Fannie Mae. The mortgage giant explained that while its current predictions say 2018’s GDP to decelerate to 2.1%, tax reform could change everything.
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  • Consumer optimism dips before the holidays

    Democrats grow worried about effects of tax reform
    Consumers grew slightly less optimistic headed into the holidays, however optimism still remains at historical highs. The largest decline in long-term economic prospects was recorded among Democrats, which reflected their concerns about the impact of the proposed changes in taxes.
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  • Experts: The Fed will revise its estimate to four rate hikes in 2018

    Already increased economic growth projections
    At the end of its December meeting Wednesday, the Federal Reserve announced 2017’s third and final rate hike as well as its forecast for 2018. The Fed did increased its economic growth predictions for next year, leading experts to say the Fed will later revise its rate hike forecast from three times in 2018 to four.
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  • Fannie Mae: Tax reform poses positive risk to economy in 2018

    2017 outlook remains steady despite hurricanes
    The recent hurricanes will do little to bring down economic growth in 2017, however several events could moderate growth in 2018, according to the latest forecast from Fannie Mae. The GSE predicted tax reform poses a positive risk for the new year, and offsets other negative risks looming on the horizon.
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  • Yellen forecasts inflation will soon bounce back

    Gave a bright outlook of the economy
    During a speech Sunday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen addressed the U.S. economy, inflation and the possibility of a rate hike. While recent storms kept economic growth down, Yellen forecasted the long-term consequences will be modest, and economic activity will quickly recover.
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