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  • Introducing HW Intel

    I'm pleased to announce that we’re revamping our e-newsletter service at—making changes designed to keep up with the demands of our readers and an ever-evolving...
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  • The Last Refuge of the Simple Competitor

    Selling technology is a tough business, as I pointed out in my most recent column for the print edition of HousingWire. It is difficult and expensive to develop good tools, can be very difficult to educate a market to the point of purchase and then requires additional work to ensure adoption. Overall, it’s very hard to effectively market new technologies, especially when you’re up against competent competitors. Lawsuits, in contrast, are relatively simple to initiate.
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  • Viewpoint: The Latest Witch Hunt

    A story in Monday's New York Times ("Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures," March 20, 2009) rehashes a concept that's anything but new -- vacant properties, and the headaches that go with them. But what's irksome more than anything else in the Times' coverage is the suggestion that vacant properties are "the next phase" of the nation's housing crisis. Let's start with the premise of this latest example of psuedo-journalism, and the requisite villianization of the lender:
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  • Consumer Sentiment Index Rises In March: Report

    Consumer confidence improved just slightly in early March, according to the Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index released Friday, which "unexpectedly" rose to 56.6 from 56.3 in late February. The index's reading, however, still sits at a near 28-year low, reflecting mounting job losses and a deepening recession.
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  • Circuit City goes bankrupt

    From the WSJ: Troubled electronics retailer Circuit City Stores Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday in an effort to stay ahead of lenders owed $898 million. With going-out-of-business sales already in full swing at about 20% of its outlets, the nation's second-largest consumer electronics chain by revenue says it has an immediate need for financing.
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