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  • PPIP Grand Re-Opening to 'Increase Participation'

    The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday released updated guidelines on the public-private investment plan (PPIP), two weeks after first announcing the program in late March. "To better accommodate increased participation," the Treasury said it had extended the application deadline to end-of-day April 24, with applicants being informed of preliminary qualification by May 15. The Treasury assured that the criteria will be viewed "holistically," meaning a proposal will not be thrown out if it doesn't meet all the criteria of the program.
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  • Bernanke's Attempt to Get Ahead of the Market

    There are some things you expect from the chairman of the Federal Reserve: obtuse and circular references to "downside risk," speeches that only an academic could love, and an obsession from the business press to any references that might hint at future monetary policy direction. But there are also those things you do not expect -- such as a Fed chairman breaking the long-standing 'blackout' practice, where members of the Federal Open Markets Committee do not comment to the press ahead of an upcoming FOMC meeting.
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  • An embarrassment of World-ly proportions

    A CBS affiliate in San Francisco got their hands on training videos that probably has execs at Wachovia cringing over how World Savings originated its now-infamous "Pick-A-Payment" loans. From CBS 5's coverage: ... what were World Savings employees instructed to tell these customers? The training videos obtained by CBS 5 investigates provide some clues ...
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