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    The new economists

    How new economic models and voices are shaking up the status quo
    People are listening to real estate economists today in a way that anyone who covered the industry a decade or more ago would not recognize. Smoke is one of the members of this new wave of real estate economists. In fact, Smoke is actually the newest one on the block. The upstart economists at places like Trulia and Zillow are still new, Smoke is just the latest player to join the game.
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  • Fed's Hoenig: "Too Big to Fail" a Farce

    In surprisingly blunt criticism of both the government and his colleagues, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City chief Thomas Hoenig argued that "insolvent firms must be allowed to fail regardless of their size, market position or the complexity of operations." His Congressional testimony Tuesday morning to the Joint Economic Committee provided some of the strongest criticism of the government bailout yet by any major figure within the Federal Reserve.
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  • Obama Announces Treasury Assistant Nominations

    President Barack Obama on Sunday announced his intent to nominate three advisers to key posts at the U.S. Treasury Department, which has lately been criticized for being understaffed. "Out of crisis arises opportunity," Obama said in a statement. "With the leadership of these accomplished individuals and our whole economic team, I am absolutely confident that we will turn around this economy and seize this opportunity to secure a more prosperous future."
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