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  • ADP: Employment increases 177,000 in June

    Construction jobs are steadily increasing
    As unemployment rates fall, the labor market is expected to reach full employment, according to the ADP and Moody's Analytics National Employment Report. But Moody Chief Economist of Analytics Mark Zandi believes that business’ number one problem is finding qualified workers, and as the rate of employment increases the problem will worsen.
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  • Employment on the rise, but labor market still shrinking

    Will the government continue to raise interest rates this summer?
    While the U.S. employment rate soared in February, the unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.9%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ February report, employment gains occurred in health care and social assistance, retail trade, food services and private educational services.
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  • QE3 tapering timeline on track? Depends.

    Employment report raises questions about Fed tapering
    August employment numbers received mixed reviews — some positive, others negative — prompting market experts to wonder if the Federal Reserve is really well positioned to begin tapering its monthly asset purchases.
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  • Unemployment Rate Rises to 8.1%

    Non-farm payroll employment contracted by 651,000 in February, effectively pushing unemployment to 8.1 percent from 7.6 percent he previous month, according to data released Friday by the U.S. Department of Labor. The economy has shed a total 2.6 million paid, non-farm jobs in the past four months alone, according to the payroll data. The employed sector of the population shrank by about 5 million during the past 12 months, while the unemployment rate has risen by 3.3 percentage points.
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