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  • SoFi wants to make it easier for borrowers to take out a home improvement loan

    Partners with Kukun to provide homeowners with more info about loan benefits
    SoFi is preparing to arm borrowers with more information to help them decide whether taking out a home improvement loan is the right decision for them. The growing lender announced this week that it is partnering with Kukun to use Kukun’s technology to provide prospective borrowers with new tools that will help them determine how much a home improvement project would cost and how it could affect the value of their home.
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  • Is a home improvement loan worth it? Goldman Sachs, HouseCanary team to help borrowers decide

    Launch home addition calculator
    Goldman Sachs appears ready to continue growing its home improvement lending business, and it’s going to use one of the housing industry’s data leaders to help them do it. Goldman Sachs is partnering with HouseCanary to launch a “Home Addition Calculator,” which will help borrowers figure out if a home addition is worth it or not.
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  • loanDepot unveils ambitions to expand beyond lending into entire real estate transaction

    Wants to connect approved homebuyers with real estate agents
    loanDepot is already one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders, but now, the company wants to become a much larger part of the home buying process. On Tuesday, loanDepot unveiled an ambitious new plan that will see the lender expand beyond simply lending a borrower the money to buy a home into facilitating the entire real estate transaction.
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  • Home Depot raises full-year forecast after hurricanes increase sales

    CEO: "Our support of the impacted communities continues"
    After a series of unfortunate natural disasters this year, Home Depot announced a significant increase in demand and sales as it served impacted communities. "I am proud of our team and suppliers for their extraordinary efforts to support those in the path of the various natural disasters throughout the quarter,” said Craig Menear, chairman, CEO and president.
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  • Home Depot reports record sales numbers

    Increases forecast for 2017
    It’s turning out to be a strong year for Home Depot, as it records solid earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2017. Craig Menear, chairman, CEO and president of Home Depot, attributed the rise to its hard working associates and its supplier partner. But, there are also two other main factors that went into the home improvement store’s profitable quarter.
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  • When should you use a reverse mortgage to pay for home modifications?

    How to use your home equity for home improvements
    [Commentary] One big advantage of a reverse mortgage is its flexible repayment feature: there’s no minimum monthly principal and interest payment — the borrowers can choose to make monthly loan payments, or defer repayment until they sell the home or don’t live in it anymore. But, it's not for everyone. Here are some of the benefits and hazards to using the product.
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  • Home Depot agrees to $25 million settlement with banks over data breach

    Home improvement retailer continues to pay up
    Home Depot agreed to pay $25 million to a number of banks in a settlement over the home improvement retailer’s 2014 data breach that impacted more than 50 million consumers. The settlement is just the latest in a string of settlements over the massive data breach, which Home Depot confirmed back in September 2014.
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