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  • Fannie, Freddie dual AUS transforms mortgage industry

    Working to streamline the mortgage process
    The new one-click dual AUS submissions for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans is just over two months old, and it is already beginning to transform the mortgage industry. Panelists at the NEXT Women’s Mortgage Tech conference explained how lenders are benefiting from the new system.
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  • Trump’s Treasury pick to divest assets after office confirmation

    This includes one company invested in Fannie and Freddie
    President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for Treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, plans to divest his interests in 43 companies and investments to avoid conflicts, following recent concerns from Democrats on his background in Wall Street. And one of those companies holds a stake in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
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  • Fannie Mae risk-sharing deal gets triple-B rating

    Is a spread fraction of $28 billion worth the risk?
    Fitch said it will likely rate the $337.5 million mezzanine tranche triple-B. The other 97% of the deal is considered general senior unsecured obligations of Fannie Mae and will not be rated.
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  • Fed's Agency MBS Purchases Total $69.5 B

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Thursday announced just under $16.84 billion in new agency mortgage-backed security purchases for the week ending Jan. 28. It claimed $5.346 billion off Freddie Mae [stock FRE][/stock]'s balance sheets, $7.19 billion from Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and $4.301 billion from Ginnie Mae.
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