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  • A Time for Some Offensive Leadership

    I know we're still in pre-season for the NFL and it may be a bit early for football analogies, but I was thinking about the players in our industry while on a plane late last week and it seemed to make a lot of sense to me — at least from 30,000 feet. From a distance, a football team looks like any other group of guys (who are all above-average size and overly aggressive), but each team is really made up of several smaller teams that play different games within the same contest.
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  • Sympathy for the Fair Value Devil?

    On Wednesday, the Financial Accounting Standards Board is expected to vote on a change to the rules governing guidance for certain beneficial interests in asset securitizations. FSP EITF 99-20-A would amend rules for “Recognition of Interest Income and Impairment on Purchased and Retained Beneficial Interests in Securitized Assets” (issued as an Emerging Issues Task Force 99-20 guidance, effective after March 15, 2001).
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  • Holyfield caught up in foreclosure, and we don't have much sympathy

    Unless his financial fortunes change, there won't be a split decision on the future of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield's suburban Atlanta mansion. The Associated Press reported yesterday that Holyfield's residence is set to be auctioned off on July 1: Maybe now we know why former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield wants to keep fighting at age 45. The "Real Deal" appears real broke.
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  • Question: what do boxing and ResCap have in common?

    Answer: we have no idea. But we do know that Josh Weintraub -- the Bear Stearns expat recently appointed to the board of directors at troubled lender Residential Capital LLC -- has one hell of a right hook. Apparently, at some point in the past, Weintraub got in the ring (for charity, natch) with Shane Kinahan at Goldman Sachs. And Weintraub kicked some serious Goldman tail, to some strong profanity and chants of "Bear Stearns" from the raucous crowd.
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