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  • Fannie Mae economic growth forecast remains conservative

    Taking wait and see approach to Trump’s fiscal stimulus policies
    Fannie Mae released this month’s Economic and Housing Outlook, which shows little change in economic growth for the year overall. The mortgage giant explains the administration’s fiscal policy poses both negative and positive risks for the economy.
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  • Europe should thank the super committee

    The head of credit research at Société Générale is zinging politicians on the super committee for failing to reach a deal on the America's runaway debt. In short, the indication is that the bipartisan Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction blew a huge opportunity to accomplish something so much stronger than anyone may realize. In a note to investors, Soc Gen's Roger Horn said U.S. credit markets already had little good news to be thankful for over the last week, "as spreads have traded 7.5% wider on investment grade corporate CDS and 9.8% on high yield CDS."
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  • The biscuit breakfast economic indicator

    The menu in the canteen at HousingWire lists a special breakfast offer. Now, for only $1.39 (plus tax), any member of our staff can get a full breakfast of one biscuit smothered in gravy. This is very likely the largest indicator that I've seen that shows the economic recovery is likely to get worse before it gets better. The notion that Americans need more bargains is nothing new. As James Sweeney, an analyst for the global fixed income division of Credit Suisse [stock CS][/stock] put it, "deleveraging has become a household word."
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  • Eyes on Senate; Industry Group Pleads for Home Buyer Stimulus

    With the $800 billion-plus economic stimulus package trickling through the House and Senate, at least one industry group is pleading the case for a substantial home buyer stimulus credit to spark demand for and reduce supply of housing amid heightened economic recession. "What we are seeing is some of the worst housing news that we've seen since the Great Depression," said National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) chief economist David Crowe at a media conference Wednesday. "We continue to see sales fall, starts fall, prices fall and general economic conditions fall."
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  • Obama Stimulus Taking Shape; Fed's Yellen Wants Banks In

    House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations chairman Dave Obey, D-Wis., on Thursday unveiled the House version of the $825 billion stimulus package that resulted from extensive discussions among Congressional Democrats rushing to accommodate President-elect Barack Obama's vision of an economic stimulus based on both tax cuts and spending programs.
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