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  • Figure Technologies debuts sale lease-back product

    Billed as a reverse mortgage alternative, the Figure Home Advantage targets the Boomer market
    Figure Technologies, led by former SoFi Founder and CEO Mike Cagney, just launched a sale lease-back product to give homeowners another way to access their home equity. The company said the Figure Home Advantage, which it calls an alternative to reverse mortgages, is ideal for those looking to bolster finances in retirement.
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  • Sign of the Times: Even Homebuilders Prefer to Rent

    You know it's bad when a home builder is forced to sell its own properties -- the model homes it uses to attract buyers -- and sign leases on them instead. In the midst of a boom in residential mortgage refinancing activity and recent efforts to stave off foreclosures through voluntary modification programs and foreclosure moratoriums, it sounds reasonable that struggling home owners are either refinancing out of their current mortgages or getting out of the home owning sector and back into the renter's market in order to make ends meet.
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