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  • Indiana passes online notarization bill

    State’s notaries will soon be allowed to remotely notarize documents
    Currently, notaries in Virginia, Texas, and Nevada are allowed to perform online notarization for signers nationwide, but their counterparts in Indiana will soon join them. That’s because the Indiana General Assembly this week passed legislation that will enable the state’s notaries to participate in online notarizations across the country.
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  • Lead contamination displaces over 1,000 Indiana residents

    They’re now competing in local market for new homes
    A low-income apartment complex in Indiana was left alone for years, even after reports surfaced that the area was contaminated by an old lead plant nearby. Now, the EPA is finally doing something about it, but the solutions will displace over 1,000 local residents.
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  • Indiana AG warns residents of homeowner tax sale scam

    Scammers defrauding borrowers out of surplus funds from tax sales
    Residents of the state of Indiana whose homes are sold via a tax sale may find themselves as the target of scammers attempting to defraud them of out of money that may be left over after the sale of their homes, the state’s Attorney General warned recently.
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  • Stonegate CEO never claimed to graduate from Indiana University

    Jim Cutillo’s side of the story
    The Indianapolis Business Journal published an article on Wednesday asserting that Stonegate Mortgage Corporation Founder and CEO Jim Cutillo did not earn a degree from Indiana University as the company has claimed. The problem: Cutillo never said he graduated from IU or anywhere else.
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  • Carrington to expand operations in Indiana

    Company will invest $3.17 million and add 360 new jobs
    "As a reputable mortgage company, Carrington Mortgage knows the importance of making sound investments," said Indiana Governor Mike Pence. "We are excited that Carrington Mortgage recognizes our talented workforce and commitment to keeping taxes low and has chosen Indiana as a fixture in its long-term business plan."
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