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  • Money Makes Us Crazy

    With the world watching and waiting for Wall Street to pay out record bonuses and the populists and free market forces waging an unending war of words over banker compensation, it's time to think about how government pays itself. Pretty, pretty, pretty good, I'd say, echoing Larry David, pretty, pretty, pretty good! But first let me say I thought surely I would never say a word about the banker compensation controversy. Stigmatized by having worked on Wall Street all those years, I thought anything I could say would be discounted up front.
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  • OTTI Rules Tweaked or Sharpened?

    It appears a cranky FASB, responding to a flood of comments -- some ill-informed, a bunch form letters -- added a few teeth to what had been looking like a technical fix to other-than-temporary-impairment guidance for securitized assets. Last week the Financial Accounting Standards Board voted to issue FSP EITF 99-20-a, Amendments to the Impairment and Interest Income Measurement Guidance of EITF 99-20, but with additional language not included in the exposure draft.
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