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  • Zillow partnering with Facebook to increase real estate agents' reach

    Listing information can now be targeted to specific Facebook users
    In a move that shows how much better companies are getting at reaching their desired audiences no matter where they are, Zillow announced a partnership this week with Facebook that will allow Realtors and real estate agents to target potential homebuyers directly on their Facebook feed.
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  • Why are both sides happy about latest ruling in Move/Zillow battle?

    Judge rules that Zillow didn't destroy evidence, but says that one Zillow exec did
    The details are telling: working in bad faith, executing a very secretive computer program, deleted files not really actually deleted, the destruction of property, professional misconduct, personal attacks. This is all in the latest Move/Zillow ruling. So how can both sides be happy about the way things are going? Because, here's what really happened.
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  • Zillow reports record traffic, but bottom line dented by Move/News Corp legal battle

    Legal costs drag down Zillow earnings again
    Things have never been better for the Zillow Group websites, which includes consumer brands Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, HotPads and Naked Apartments, in terms of website traffic, but the company's bottom line was again negatively affected by Zillow’s legal battle against Move,, the National Association of Realtors and News Corp.
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  • Move wants $2 billion in damages from Zillow for alleged trade secret theft

    Can this cripple or destroy Zillow and Trulia?
    One of the most contentious fights in the history of real estate listings is about to go nuclear, thanks to a "staggering" claim of damages from Move in its trade secret theft lawsuit against Zillow. Now, for the first time, Move is acknowledging just how damaging the alleged theft was to the company. But there's more to the story than just a ginormous number.
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  • Move/News Corp legal battle drags down Zillow Group earnings in 2015

    Posts net loss of $91.1 million; sees traffic decline in 4th quarter
    The Zillow Group family of websites, which includes Zillow and Trulia, announced its 2015 financial results on Thursday, with the company reporting a pro forma net loss of $91.1 million in 2015. According to Zillow, a large portion of the net loss was driven by the legal fees associated with Zillow’s legal battle with Move, which is now owned by News Corp, over claims of allegations of trade secret theft involving Errol Samuelson, who was once Move's chief strategy officer.
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  • Zillow completes Trulia integration; begins universal ad sales to agents

    Rascoff: Agents never before able to reach this many people
    The last hurdle in the Zillow-Trulia integration process is now complete. Now, agents that advertise with the Zillow Group can reach a massive audience, all with one ad buy – a fact that Zillow Group CEO Spencer Rascoff views as absolutely crucial for the future of Zillow and the real estate industry as a whole.
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  • Zillow sells Market Leader for massive loss

    Buyer is Perseus Division of Constellation Software
    Zillow Group announced that it plans to sell Market Leader, a customer relationship management system for the real estate industry, to the Perseus Division of Constellation Software, an international provider of software and services. When Trulia bought Market Leader, the purchase price was reported to be as high as $355 million. Zillow announced Thursday that it is selling Market Leader for $23 million.
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  • Zillow names new chief financial officer, chief operating officer

    Promotes architect of Trulia merger
    Zillow Group found a replacement for its departing chief financial officer from within its own ranks. Zillow announced Monday that it is promoting Kathleen Phillips, who oversaw the entire Trulia acquisition, from chief operating officer to chief financial officer.
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  • Is Zillow in trouble? traffic outpacing Trulia; downgraded by Barclays
    According to a new report, Zillow Group now pulls in a 57% share of real estate web traffic in the U.S. and boasted 140 million unique visitors as of the first quarter of this year. But is it enough to sustain Zillow's business? According to analysts from Barclays, it may not be.
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