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  • Former Ginnie Mae president says Fannie and Freddie reform takes "real work"

    The success of a Ginnie-like model
    The former Ginnie Mae president recently told the Mortgage Bankers Association in an interview that he is pretty confident the 115th Congress can finally tackle GSE reform. But to what extent and how effective the Trump administration can be in conquering the reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac remains to be seen.
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  • An open letter to our next presidential administration

    Former Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin
    As President-elect Donald Trump and his team begin the arduous task of transitioning, it's important that as he addresses his long list of campaign promises he does not forget housing, says Joseph Murin, former president of Ginnie Mae. "This is a plea for this administration not to underestimate the importance of the housing and real estate industry to America’s economy. It is way past the time for our industry leadership to stop kicking the proverbial can down the road."
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  • Ginnie's President Joseph Murin to Resign

    Ginnie Mae's president, Joseph Murin, will leave the mortgage agency Friday, according to one of HousingWire's sources familiar with the matter. His resignation from Ginnie is part of a move that has been in the works "for a while," the source said on condition of anonymity. Murin plans to transition into the private sector, but will remain involved in housing, according to the source.
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  • Ginnie Issues Record $43.5bn of Monthly MBS

    The Government National Mortgage Association -- commonly Ginnie Mae -- issued $43.5bn in mortgage-backed securities (MBS) during June. It marked the first time in Ginnie's 41-year history when the monthly issuance surpassed $40bn, according to a corporate release. "The extraordinary strength of our MBS program clearly demonstrates the continuing need for Ginnie Mae securities in the secondary market," said Ginnie Mae president Joseph Murin.
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  • Ginnie's MBS Issuance Doubles from 2008

    The Government National Mortgage Association -- or Ginnie Mae -- posted $38.98bn in mortgage-backed securities issuance in May, bringing the 2009 total so far to $163bn, more than double the nearly $80bn seen in the first five months of 2008. "Our MBS program is continuing to experience phenomenal growth," said president Joseph Murin in a statement this week. "Clearly, as the economy continues to find its footing, there is still a strong need for a safe, dependable security like the Ginnie Mae MBS."
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  • Ginnie Mae Issuance Surpasses GSEs, Again

    (Update 1 clarifies figures provided by eMBS.) Total issuance at Ginnie Mae reached $27.1 billion in November, the government agency said earlier this week, bringing the 2008 total to $246 billion, and marking the second straight month that Ginnie Mae-issued MBS deals outpaced similar issuances at Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock].
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