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  • Expert: Moving too quickly on tech adoption could be a mistake

    Could create unforeseen errors
    Lenders that move too quickly on adopting the latest technology could be making a mistake, and putting their mortgage business at risk. Lenders should be careful not to move too fast and create unforeseen errors, according to Sadie Gurley, Digital Risk head of diligence services and 2018 HousingWire Women of Influence winner.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2018 Women of Influence: Sadie Gurley

    Head of Diligence Services at Digital Risk
    When the industry experienced the pressures of the financial crisis, it turned to Sadie Gurley to find a way forward, counting on her to recapitalize trouble debt and participate in PPIP funds for the recovery. As managing director at Marathon Asset Management, Gurley purchased $400 million in distressed real estate loans during the financial crisis, securing $1.4 billion in PPIP funds.
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  • Digital Risk announces new head of diligence services

    Will boost loan evaluation services
    Digital Risk, an origination, due diligence, compliance and technology services company that partners with mortgage, consumer lending and financial services companies, announced its new head of diligence services. Here’s more on Sadie Gurley, and the background she brings to her new role.
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