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  • Fed opens bidding on AIG CDOs

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York invited eight firms to bid on collateralized debt obligations once held by American International Group [stock AIG][/stock].The CDOs are...
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  • MBS Analysts Watch Fed’s Every Trade

    When and how the Fed will depart the MBS market is no longer a mystery. Following last month’s FOMC meeting, it announced it would purchase the full $1.25 trillion of MBS previously announced, but that it would gradually slow the pace of those purchases “in order to promote a smooth transition in markets.” It “anticipated” the program would be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2010.
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  • Trepp Wins Coveted TALF Bid

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Tuesday selected New York City firm Trepp as a collateral manager on the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facilitiy (TALF), a program designed to put billions of dollars into the hands of institutional investors to buy up new asset-backed securities within certain categories, in turn encouraging more lending and securitization, which regulators say will keep credit flowing.
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  • NY Fed Study Debunks 'Reverse Redlining'

    Did lenders target minorities with higher-cost loans, relative to their white counterparts? Consumer advocates have long trumpeted this as fact, using studies commissioned by their own staff and publicly-available data via the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act to allege that banks routinely and deliberately offered disparate terms to minority borrowers. And legislators have taken these findings at face value, no questions asked.
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