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  • MBA lobbyist: Here's what a Democrat-led House means to us

    One expert offers insight on what the finance industry is saying
    On Tuesday night, Democrats reclaimed control of the House of Representatives, securing more than 200 seats across the country. As more Democrats head to the House, one expert predicts they will focus their efforts on protecting consumer interests and banking regulations.
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  • Mortgage bankers, trade groups want meeting with Sessions over DOJ’s fair lending enforcement

    Ask attorney general to review Trump administration’s tactics
    Several of the largest trade organizations in banking want to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss how the Trump administration’s approach to fair lending laws and if the current administration plans to enforce those laws any differently than the previous administration did.
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  • Lenders join together against SoFi banking move

    Urge Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to reject application
    SoFi, an online lender, applied with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. for a special banking charter known as an industrial loan company, the first step toward becoming a bank. But the Independent Community Bankers of America is opposing the move.
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  • Consumer survey: Voters say CFPB should be run by a bipartisan commission

    What would a commission would do for the bureau?
    The highly contested leadership structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be a bipartisan commission if it was up to voters to decide. The Consumer Bankers Association, the Independent Community Bankers of America, and the American Land Title Association teamed up to commission a poll of registered voters in key battleground states. Ever wonder what some consumers think of the CFPB?
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  • Community bankers: GSE reform should keep what works and just fix the problems

    How to ensure a robust primary and secondary mortgage market
    More talk of reforming the government-sponsored enterprises are starting to surface as the Trump administration promises to make reform a priority. Diverging from other industry reform options out there, the Independent Community Bankers of America penned their version of how GSE reform should take place. So which option will work best?
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  • Housing industry's biggest trade groups push FHA to reconsider PACE rules

    Concerned about energy improvement loans being given super priority status
    Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Housing Administration announced that the FHA will soon begin insuring mortgages that also carry liens created by energy retrofit programs, as long as the energy lien remains subordinate to the mortgage. But the fine print of the new rules has the housing industry's largest trade groups concerned.
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  • Community lenders call for Fannie, Freddie to stop paying dividend to Treasury

    Push for GSEs to rebuild capital to absorb any looming losses
    With Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac preparing to report their fourth quarter and full-year financial results for 2015 later this week, several national groups of community lenders are calling on the Federal Housing Finance Agency to suspend the practice of sending dividends from Fannie and Freddie to the Department of Treasury.
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  • What a millennial wants from a lender

    Now other generations follow suit
    Millennials grew up constantly posting their lives on social media and having access to the world in the palm of their hand, and as a direct result, what they want from a lender is vastly different from previous generations. Now this is becoming a new normal for all generations.
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  • Buying a home? Bankers say do these 8 things first

    Manage your budget, check your credit, and more
    One of the biggest potential obstacles is obtaining credit to buy a home. Increasingly tight credit standards may be squeezing out potential buyers, but the Independent Community Bankers of America say they’re willing to help.
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