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  • What the ABA really meant in its letter to The New York Times

    The moment the state attorneys general proposed a mortgage servicing settlement it seemed only logical that lenders and banks wouldn't like it. The natural flow of solutions, after all, is going to require some level of back and forth. And so the American Bankers Association recently expressed exasperation at Paul Krugman's column in The New York Times on March 13 titled Another inside job.
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  • Printing More Money as a Capital Illusion

    "And I promise to every Floridian that you will all be RICH!! Because we're gonna print some more money! Why didn't anybody ever think of this before??!!" -- Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse In this episode for the Adult Swim animated series, the front man of Dethklok -- an unrealistically high-earning metal band described as the "world's seventh largest economy" -- feels as newly-elected governor of Florida that his quantitative easing approach to a slumping economy will deliver huge results.
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  • No Reason to Get Excited

    What will the financial news headlines read on January 29? Dollars to doughnuts, I’d expect more than a few screaming headlines about economic growth—next Friday is when the U.S. Department of Commerce rolls out its advance estimate for GDP in the fourth quarter of 2009. But all will likely not be as it seems, if so.
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  • Viewpoint: It's Déjà Vu, All Over Again

    The government's next set of gyrations over "bad assets" is about to unfold this coming week, and if the leaked details over at the New York Times this weekend are any indication of the reality about to be foisted upon us, we're all about to get a nasty case of déjà vu, all over again.
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  • Bernanke's Attempt to Get Ahead of the Market

    There are some things you expect from the chairman of the Federal Reserve: obtuse and circular references to "downside risk," speeches that only an academic could love, and an obsession from the business press to any references that might hint at future monetary policy direction. But there are also those things you do not expect -- such as a Fed chairman breaking the long-standing 'blackout' practice, where members of the Federal Open Markets Committee do not comment to the press ahead of an upcoming FOMC meeting.
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