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  • Freddie Mac CEO: I’ve done what I came here to do

    Reflects on tenure before retirement
    Donald Layton announced in early September his plans to retire, saying he would step down as CEO in the second half of 2019. Now, as he prepares to step down, Layton explained in an interview with HousingWire that he reached his two main goals during his time as CEO.
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  • Why are more seniors holding onto mortgage debt?

    Study sheds light on factors influencing older homeowners
    Fewer older homeowners are paying off their mortgages in retirement, and some are worried the trend may be detrimental to the financial health of the Baby Boomer generation. A working paper from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College sites three reasons why and aims to assess the lasting impact.
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  • [Listen] HousingWire bids adieu to two mortgage lending titans

    David Stevens and Brad Blackwell reflect on their lending careers
    September marks the first official retirement days of two mortgage lending titans. In an exclusive interview with Jacob Gaffney, David Stevens, former head of the Mortgage Bankers Association, and Brad Blackwell, former EVP of housing policy and homeownership growth strategies at Wells Fargo Home Lending, reflect on their careers, friendship and where they think the industry is headed.
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  • To own or not to own in retirement?

    Lately, that appears to be the question
    Owning a home in retirement seems to be an idea firmly ensconced in the American Dream, but the fact is more Baby Boomers are looking to rent than ever before. But what makes the most financial sense is up for debate, as two media outlets hash it out, landing on opposite sides of the fence.
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  • Most Americans want to own a home in retirement

    Survey reveals 85% want to own, and most don’t plan on having a mortgage
    For many, retirement goals include travel, leisure and, apparently, homeownership, as a survey reveals 85% of non-retirees want to own a home when they're in retirement. But the grim reality is that a good number of Americans may still carry mortgages into retirement, and that’s why some experts say reverse mortgages deserve a second look.
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  • MBA finds Stevens successor: Meet the new president and CEO

    Robert Broeksmit set to take over in August
    This week, the Mortgage Bankers Association revealed its new president and CEO to take over this summer. Current president and CEO Dave Stevens announced he will be stepping down as of September 30, 2018, to allow the MBA time to choose a new leader. Now, the MBA has done just that.
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  • Zillow CFO Kathleen Philips to retire

    Will continue to serve as chief legal officer through 2018, will transition to retirement in 2020
    Zillow announced Monday that Kathleen Philips, who serves as the company’s chief financial officer and chief legal officer, is retiring from her role as CFO at the end of May. Philips, who joined the company as general counsel in 2010, will step down as CFO and continue to serve as chief legal officer through the end of 2018 and transition toward retirement in 2020.
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  • U.S. Bank says goodbye: Chief directors head to retirement

    Two chief officers will retire by end of 2018
    U.S. Bank announced Friday that Chief Risk Officer Bill Parker and Chief Human Resources Officer Jennie Carlson will retire by the end of 2018. “Both Bill and Jennie have assembled strong teams to lead us into the future,” said Andrew Cecere, U.S. Bank president and CEO.
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  • Wells Fargo sees departure of four risk management executives

    Execs set to retire throughout this spring
    As Wells Fargo continues to face further legislative action, the big bank announced the retirement of four risk management executives. The bank made an internal announcement, saying it is implementing a new design for how the company manages risk. Part of this announcement included the retirement of four of its risk management executives.
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  • Here are the top 5 best states to retire

    Traditional retirement hotspots didn’t fare so well
    While many associate sunny beach states such as Florida with retirement, these states actually didn’t fare as well in Bankrate’s new study which ranks the top states in which to retire. Whether planning to move to a new state for retirement, the plan of many Millennials, or planning to age in place, like the Silent Generation, here are the study’s top five states in which to do so.
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