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  • Toll Brothers, the bell that tolls for luxury market

    Contracts plummet 36% in California as buyers worry about economy
    Toll Brothers, the largest U.S. luxury homebuilder, reported purchase agreements fell 3% nationally in the third quarter from a year earlier, and in California, where some of its priciest developments are located, contracts plummeted 36%. Toll’s average home price was $882,648 in the quarter, the company said.
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  • More investors take on build-to-rent housing trend

    Slim profit margins on new builds have developers adopting a new strategy
    Homebuilders are stepping up to the plate and becoming landlords in the latest growing housing industry trend: building homes just to rent them out. According to CNBC, more and more developers are now building entire communities of detached, single-family homes built specifically to rent as the cost of labor, land and materials make it hard to profit off the sale of a new build. 
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  • Despite missing earnings expectations, Toll Brothers is positive on rest of year

    Thanks to strong demand for housing
    While luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers barely missed earnings estimates, causing the company to narrow its outlook for the year, the company is still positive on the rest of the year. And as homebuilders start to focus on starter homes, Toll Brothers expects the strong economy to also spur more move-up buyers.
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  • Toll Brothers' beats revenue expectations

    Here are the two factors impacting the luxury housing market
    Toll Brothers released their earnings on Tuesday, providing better insight on what's affecting the housing market. The luxury homebuilder's results were mainly impacted by these two factors.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Banking on builders

    How wise is it to invest in residential construction right now? The answer: it depends
    The HW 30 represents the top public companies that make up the core of the nation’s housing economy. Among them are some of the country’s biggest builders, the largest among them D.R. Horton, though Toll Brothers is perhaps the one to watch now. Is it time to invest in home construction? Here’s our take.
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  • Toll Brothers' earnings surge 29%

    Beats expectations
    “For the first time in four quarters, our contracts were up in both dollars and units compared with the prior year’s same period,” said Chief Executive Douglas C. Yearley, Jr.
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