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  • Government watchdog: Ben Carson's office décor spending spree violated law

    Finds Carson in the wrong for far exceeding spending limit without notifying Congress
    When Ben Carson assumed his role as HUD secretary, he and his wife Candy set out to bring the office up to standards, shelling out some serious cash – including $31,000 for a dining set – to make that happen. Carson shrugged off the expense as standard for any incoming secretary, but the Government Accountability Office says not so much.
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  • Foreclosure rescue scam complaints more than double

    GAO: African Americans, seniors hit the hardest by scams
    Foreclosure rescue schemes have become increasingly complex, involving attorneys and the bankruptcy code, among other things. Complaints rose from 9,000 in 2009 to more than 18,000 in 2012, the Government Accountability Office said.
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  • TARP Watchdog Calls for Tougher Oversight

    In its second assessment into the Troubled Asset Relief Program released Friday, the Government Accountability Office told the agency it's still lacking the necessary oversight needed to monitor the existing $700 billion bank bailout program.
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  • Obama Joins GAO in Calling for TARP Oversight

    President-elect Barack Obama said he agrees with the report released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office which said the Troubled Asset Relief Program lacks a comprehensive plan to ensure TARP funds are used properly and should have greater oversight and accountability. "We're seeing some areas where we can be doing better, in making sure that this money is not going to CEO compensation, that it's protecting taxpayers, and that the taxpayers are going to get their money back; that it's effective in shoring up our financial markets," he said.
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  • GAO on TARP: Critical Gaps Need Mending

    The first outside assessment into the Treasury's Troubled Asset Relief Program since its introduction a few months back revealed a far less-than-perfect report card, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. In a report released Tuesday, the GAO said additional actions "are "needed to better ensure integrity, accountability, and transparency" relative to TARP spending activity.
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