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  • Treasury asks you how to revive “dormant” private label RMBS market

    Pushes for return of private capital to ease credit crunch
    U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said that the Treasury is hoping to “foster the development of a safe and sustainable private market for mortgage lending that can serve alongside government-supported options,” by working with investors and securitizers to “uncover new paths to increase private investment.”
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  • Obama Nominates Three to Treasury

    President Barack Obama late Monday announced three nominations for key roles to serve under Treasury Department secretary Tim Geithner. The nominations, according to a White House press release, fill three of the four "most senior" positions under the secretary.
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  • Geithner Sees Latest Treasury Nominee Withdraw

    Facing growing criticism that thin senior ranks at the U.S. Treasury are hurting the department's ability to manage a growing financial crisis, the latest nominee for deputy Treasury secretary withdrew his name from consideration for the post according to a report Friday morning in the Washington Post.
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  • Dudley Named New York Fed President

    The New York Federal Reserve announced Tuesday it selected William C. Dudley as its new president and CEO. Dudley, 56, will succeed Timothy Geithner, who was sworn in as the new Treasury secretary late Monday.
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  • Geithner Nomination Cleared for Approval

    Timothy Geithner, President Obama's pick for Treasury secretary, was cleared by a Senate panel mid-Thursday. The nomination is headed for a Senate vote, where approval is expected despite Geithner's now-infamous tax flubs.
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  • Geithner Testifies: Calls for Tougher Bailout Terms

    President Obama's Treasury Secretary-designate Tim Geithner called for aggressive action in tackling the economic downturn during his testimony before the Senate Finance Committee at his confirmation hearing Wednesday morning. "Senators, the ultimate costs of this crisis will be greater, if we don not act with sufficient strength now," Geithner's testimony read. "In a crisis of this magnitude, the most prudent course is the most forceful course."
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  • Obama's "Dream Team" Takes Shape

    They've been called "the dream team" -- dubbed by supporters as brilliant, outstanding and exceptionally talented, President-elect Barack Obama unveiled nominations for his administration's economic team Monday. Among them is current New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner, who Obama has tabbed as the next secretary of the U.S. Treasury, a position that will undoubtedly shape the tenor of the mortgage financial market for the next four years.
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