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  • Geithner: Financial Markets Require Well-Designed Regulation

    On tonight's broadcast of PBS' NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner discusses details of Obama's new regulatory plan. In the one-on-one, Geithner states that the previous set of regulations were woefully inadequate and defended the decision of the administration to likely tighten the reins on financial markets going forward.
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  • Geithner Sees Green Shoots

    US Treasury Department secretary Tim Geithner, in his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee today, says markets are recovering and private capital is flowing once more. He cites narrowed spreads on corporate and municipal bonds, smaller risk premiums in short-term, inter-banck markets and decreased credit protection costs at the largest US banks as indicators of said recovery.
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  • Stress Tests End; Raising Money Begins

    The wait is over. Stress test results reveal nine of the nation's 19 largest banks successfully endured the government's testing and will not require any additional capital, while the other 10 banks must boost capital levels by a collective total of $74.6bn, in order to comply with government standards, said the Federal Reserve this afternoon. Bank of America [stock BAC][/stock] stands the front-runner, requiring $33.9bn in fresh capital, followed by Wells Fargo [stock WFC][/stock] who must raise $13.7bn in new capital.
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  • Obama Nominates Three to Treasury

    President Barack Obama late Monday announced three nominations for key roles to serve under Treasury Department secretary Tim Geithner. The nominations, according to a White House press release, fill three of the four "most senior" positions under the secretary.
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