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  • These are the ZIP codes where homeowners hold the most equity

    No surprise, California markets top the list
    More than a quarter of mortgaged properties in the U.S. were rich with equity in the first quarter of 2019, according to the latest from ATTOM Data Solutions. That means that 14.4 million U.S. properties are equity-rich. Here's where the greatest number of them are located.
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  • Borrowers in these cities save the most by shopping around for mortgages

    Golden State reigns supreme in savings, especially in San Francisco
    In a recent analysis, LendingTree utilized its Mortgage Rate Competition Index to reveal the difference in rates and potential savings for mortgage shoppers in the 50 largest housing markets across the country. According to the company’s findings, the average homebuyer can save as much as $31,000 over the lifetime of a loan by shopping around for a mortgage.
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  • This is where Millennials want to live

    NAR analysis details factors are driving Millennial migration
    A recent report from the National Association of Realtors reveals that Millennial homeownership migration is primarily motivated by market affordability and strong job prospects. Find out which housing markets most appeal to Millennial homeowners here.
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  • Want to sell your home for more? Go green

    More than 80% of homebuyers say energy efficient features are a must
    Going green pays, especially if you’re trying to sell your home, according to a recent Zillow analysis. The study found that homes with solar energy systems sold for 4.1% more on average than their counterparts in 2018.
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  • Redfin: West Coast homebuyers are winning the bidding wars

    In Q1, Americans had the highest first-offer success rate in the last three years
    As lackluster home sales push inventory growth in the nation’s housing markets, new data from Redfin suggests purchasing competition has begun to ease in nearly every metro across the country. This is especially so for the West Coast, which saw the biggest year-over-year increases in first-offer success rates.
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  • This is how public transportation is transforming California's housing market

    The share of L.A. County listings mentioning transit-related keywords has doubled since 2013
    It's spring home-buying season and thousands of prospective buyers have taken to California's housing market. Although many factors will influence their purchasing decisions, new data from Trulia indicates that the percentage of Los Angeles homebuyers searching for homes near public transportation is on the rise.
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  • San Francisco Chronicle: California can’t divert mortgage relief funds to pay off state debt

    Court says state must use $331 million to help homeowners
    California took the money from the 2012 settlement and, instead of using it for mortgage relief, used it to balance the state’s financial ledgers. “Nice try, Sacramento, but the rules don’t work that way when it comes to diverting public money to ease bureaucratic pain,” the Chronicle’s Editorial Board said in an opinion piece.
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  • Zillow: California's expensive housing market even prices out the rich

    Californians typically spend more than 30% of their income on housing
    California's housing market is so large that it now accounts for a third of the nation's housing market value. But as affordability concerns impact metros across the country, new data from Zillow suggests that not even high-income households can keep up with the Golden State's outrageous home prices.
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  • Hey Californians, your housing market is likely to cool off come 2020

    UCLA Anderson Forecast points to slowdown in housing starts
    It's no secret that California's economy is large – so large that its $2.7 trillion financial system ranks fifth in the world, championing the United States' national economy. But as the U.S. continues to grapple with an oncoming economic slowdown, the UCLA Anderson Forecast is showing several economic factors that might weaken California's booming housing market within the next year.
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  • California to build tiny home community for homeless wildfire victims

    Funding for community relies solely on the kindness of donations
    When plans for the creation of a tiny home community for the homeless located in Chico, California, were unveiled, many city council members voiced their disdain and indifference. However, the devastation from 2018's Camp Fire has swayed these opinions, and this tiny home community is now set to house victims of Butte County's fire.
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