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  • Dude, where's my liquidity?

    PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust is planning to buy up newly issued loans and package them into bonds. A posting at Bloomberg has the scoop today. The conduit arm of PennyMac would buy the mortgage loans as short-term investments. It sounds promising in terms of short-term funding, but the question remains whether this conduit vehicle will last: Has the industry already forgotten the short-lived MLEC dreams?
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  • SocGen Expects Q2 Profit

    French investment bank Société Générale expects to post a "slightly positive" net income for Q209, despite a €1.3bn (US$1.81bn) charge related to credit default swaps used to hedge the company's loan portfolio. "Solid operational performances, in particular in Corporate & Investment Banking, will absorb the significant negative impact on the accounts of the substantial tightening of credit spreads stemming from an improving market environment and reduced aversion to risk since mid-March," company officials say in a corporate release.
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  • In This Corner: Principia Partners EVP, Mark Kahn

    Mark Kahn is an executive vice president at Principia Partners – a provider of operational software for the management of structured finance portfolios. In the latest installment of In This Corner, Kahn talks about dramatic shifts in both the landscape and scope of his business, which is leading us down the path of innovation.
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  • Troubled Citigroup for Sale?

    (Update 1: reflects CEO Vikram Pandit's statements in a company conference call.) In our current market, if a large financial institution so much as sneezes, the vultures perk up their heads, shake out their wings and, in cases where the pickings are promising, start circling even before the firm fails. So when shares of Citigroup Inc. [stock C][/stock] fell 26 percent on Thursday -- not exactly a sneeze, but more like a seizure -- it follows that there would be some sort of hype about the troubled banking giant with 200 million customer accounts in 100 countries.
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