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  • Warren tax diatribe misses root cause of middle-class malaise

    Former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau adviser Elizabeth Warren prompted a plethora of diatribes when she sounded off against big business. The architect of CFPB -- who was once in the running to be America's top mortgage cop -- suggested in an impromptu speech available on the Web that corporations are using America's infrastructure and labor, while not paying enough in taxes. Rich Lowry of the Boston Herald published complete coverage of the latest Warren controversy, proving once again the professor's lightning-rod persona.
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  • What's up with Elizabeth Warren?

    As the Senate questions Richard Cordray, Obama's nominee for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it's hard not to wonder what's happening in the life of Elizabeth Warren, the mother of the CFPB and its architect. Based on news reports, it seems Warren used the Labor Day holiday to tease the Massachusetts electorate about her possible U.S. Senate run against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass).
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  • Should Elizabeth Warren join the Tea Party?

    With Elizabeth Warren no longer taking lumps from both Democrats and Republicans in Washington, a new image is starting to emerge of the Harvard law professor: one that portrays her as a down-home, Oklahoma-raised, fiscal conservative who argued against excessive lending and borrowing only to find that associating with Obama's administration cratered her work, killing decades of research in the eyes of a fickle public that only views her as an employee of an unpopular, ideologically driven president.
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