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  • Obama: Bank Plan Needs 'Significant Resources'

    In an address to the joint session of Congress late Tuesday, President Barack Obama said his combined stimulus, bank and housing plans, together with the energy, health care and education reforms he will propose in his 2010 budget, will increase employment, stimulate lending and get the U.S. economy out of recession.
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  • Congress Passes $787 Billion Stimulus

    (Update 1 reflects clarified estimates on job creation.) The sweeping $787 billion economic stimulus package passed both the House and Senate votes late Friday, setting President Barack Obama on the course to having enacted one of the largest -- and most historic -- spending package packages within the first weeks of having taken office. The bill, as expected, focuses heavily on government spending initiatives to stimulate job growth, as well as a handful of tax breaks, including an $8,000 tax credit to all first-time home buyers that purchase before year-end.
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  • Dodd Retains Position, Vows to Focus on Housing Needs

    As President-elect Barack Obama begins his transition into the White House, the usual amount of shuffling is taking place within governmental staff. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn. has said he will stay on as chairman in the 111th Congress and work with ranking member Richard Shelby, R-Ala. and the new Obama Administration "to build an economy that is strong and in which every American has the opportunity to succeed."
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  • Obama's win tied to home price declines, foreclosures

    The OC Register's Jon Lansner has a great post up this morning that looks at the states Obama carried versus McCain, and the relative price declines and foreclosures in each, using data from First American CoreLogic. In total, he suggests that states representing nearly 80 percent of the nation's foreclosure mess went to Obama: Obama
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