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  • Inman News Recognizes 'Top 25 Most Influential' Bloggers

    A little deviation from the normal content here at HW: Inman News today released their 2007 list of '25 Most Influential' bloggers in real estate - always an interest generator in the blogos. I ought to know, as I launched this blog in December of last year with a community-voted blogging awards program.
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  • Announcing the 2007 REBA Winners!

    After counting, recounting, and counting some more -- we're pleased to announce the winners of Housing Wire's first annual Real Estate Blogging Awards! Each REBA winner will receive a $25 Visa gift card or a $25 iTunes gift card. We're posting the top three in each category today. Sometime this weekend, we'll release the full results for those curious to see how everything played out.
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  • Commentary: Assessing the REBAs

    We'll be releasing the results of the first annual Real Estate Blogging Awards tomorrow, which means today is a good time to look back on the first blogging awards to be held within the real estate community. As editor, and without question, the number one thing I can say we noticed was the great positive response from across the blogos. Everyone was buzzing about the awards, which means the idea was a good one. I still remember having the initial thought to create the awards program just before New Years, wondering if anyone would really care. We recieved just under 3,000 votes in this first year of the REBAs, which I guess means people really do care.
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  • HW Announces the First Annual Real Estate Blogging Awards

    Part of our mission here at Housing Wire is to bridge the gaps that exist between traditional and emerging media. With that in mind, we've decided to sponsor an annual awards series highlighting the best in real estate blogging. We're calling our awards the REBAs -- Real Estate Blogging Awards, and we're asking HW readers to give us their votes in 7 different categories. Click here to read more about the REBAs. Voting is active today through 10pm CST on January 10, 2007. For the winners, we're putting $175 in prize money on the line. We'd have loved to put up more, but we are a free news blog, after all.
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