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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: LinkedIn invests $10m in Silicon Valley affordable housing

    The rent is too damn high!
    Every week, it seems like there’s another example of people (or companies) going to extremes to secure housing in the Bay Area. Earlier this year, Facebook and Google both announced plans to help build new, affordable housing in Silicon Valley. And now, LinkedIn is joining in too. All that, and more, in your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • Bay Area residents consider great exodus in response to rising home prices

    Median home price hits $804,000
    A recent report from the California Association of Realtors showed the state’s infamous housing situation isn’t getting any better, with the number of people that can afford the Golden State’s averaged-priced home dropping even lower. Now, these growing home prices sparked more than half of its residents to express their desire to leave the Bay Area.
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  • Low commission, tech-focused real estate company Reali closes $5 million funding round

    Plans expansion into entire San Francisco area
    Reali, a real estate company that offers lower commissions and a tech-focused experience for home buyers and sellers, announce that it plans to expand its operations throughout San Francisco after it closed on a $5 million round of funding. In addition to expanding in the San Francisco area, the company said that it will use the money to fund technological advancements, brand marketing, and market expansion.
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  • PropertyRadar: No, California is not in a housing bubble

    Home sales fall to lowest level since 2008
    San Francisco Bay Area home sales plummeted to the lowest of any month since February 2008 as average home prices soared into the millions. The extreme rise in home prices, however, is not a sign that the housing market is in a bubble and about to pop. Instead, this report explains what is to blame.
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  • Embattled San Francisco nuns' soup kitchen saga not over yet

    Nuns face opposition from condo neighbors
    The story of two San Francisco Bay Area nuns who provide food for the city's homeless still doesn't have a happy ending. In February, the nuns faced eviction after their rent was raised too high for them to afford, but then a surprise benefactor helped relocate them into a condo. Now, however, their neighbors are looking to block the relocation of the soup kitchen.
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  • San Francisco home sales fall to lowest level since crisis

    Distressed property sales fall to 15-year low
    It’s still getting more expensive to buy a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and those continually rising costs are depressing home sales in the area to levels not seen since the housing crisis. Here are more details on the Bay Area housing market, and a look at what the future holds.
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  • Bay Area's high housing costs leave local commuter trains without engineers

    New rail line cites housing costs in struggle to find employees
    The famously high cost of housing in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area has a new commuter train line in desperate need of new engineers as candidates for the position repeatedly tell the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit agency that it's simply too expensive for them to live where they’d be working.
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  • Is San Francisco in a housing bubble?

    Fitch Ratings suggests Bay Area home prices are at 'unsupportable' level
    San Francisco often ranks among the "hottest" housing markets due to its rapidly rising housing prices. But how hot is too hot? A new report from Fitch Ratings suggests that San Francisco is reaching that point, with the dreaded "b" word being thrown around now.
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