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  • Experts: Home equity is key to solving the country's looming retirement crisis

    But many older homeowners are still reluctant to touch it
    As Baby Boomers continue to retire en masse without sufficient savings to support their later years, it's become glaringly apparent that the country is on the brink of a retirement crisis. But many older Americans do have one major source of wealth at their disposal: their house. And for some, utilizing their home equity through a reverse mortgage could be the answer to their late-in-life money problems, leading some experts to call the HECM program important public policy.
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  • [Video] One housing issue keeps this expert up at night

    America’s inventory crisis
    Inventory shortages — two words that plague would-be homebuyers and the housing economy overall. Laurie Goodman, codirector of the Housing Finance Policy Center with the Urban Institute, recently sat down with HousingWire to explain why the lack of housing availability keeps her up at night.
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  • Are subprime mortgages coming back?

    Lenders missing opportunity to make more money
    It’s time to return to the days of subprime lending, at least that's what this one article suggests. But not the subprime lending that is negatively associated with the financial crisis.
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  • Amherst and Pierpoint announce merger

    Company will be known as Amherst Pierpont Securities
    “Combining Amherst’s unparalleled leadership in mortgage-related securities and Pierpont’s liquid product-related offerings will create a scalable platform that will have an unmatched ability to capture future growth opportunities,” Pierpoint Securities CEO Mark Werner said.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Blurred vision: The Fed readies the beginning of the end

    With QE tapering off, what's next for mortgage markets?
    Well, the time finally arrived. Mortgage industry analysts and housing finance experts are now talking about withdrawal — especially the Federal Reserve’s December decision to begin a $10 billion monthly taper, and eventually, from all things government. It’s the beginning of the end. And the taper came just in time for 2014, too.
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