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  • Amherst and Pierpoint announce merger

    Company will be known as Amherst Pierpont Securities
    “Combining Amherst’s unparalleled leadership in mortgage-related securities and Pierpont’s liquid product-related offerings will create a scalable platform that will have an unmatched ability to capture future growth opportunities,” Pierpoint Securities CEO Mark Werner said.
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  • Rosenberg: Bond Yields Headed to 'Stupid-Low' Levels

    Gluskin-Sheff economist David Rosenberg isn't known for mincing his words, and today he spent a fair amount of time looking at Fed policy options in the near-term. His conclusion? The Fed is out of bullets on the funds rate, and all it really has left is the ability to influence the long end of the yield curve:
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  • Mortgage Rates Rise Slightly

    U.S. mortgage rates remained nearly unchanged during the past week, rising just slightly despite historic upheaval in the nation's credit markets, according to a weekly survey released Thursday morning by Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock]. The rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.10 percent for the week ended Oct. 2, just a single basis point higher than the prior week’s average of 6.09 percent.  The rate for a 15-year fixed-rate inched upward to 5.78 percent from 5.77 percent the week before.
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  • Across the pond, a housing mess redux

    Here at HW, we focus on what's taking place in residential real estate and single-family mortgages within the States; but it's worth noting that what's happening here is being repeated in primary and secondary markets worldwide. Yesterday, the UK press was up in arms over their very own housing crash. Via MarketWatch:
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