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  • An Influx of Housing Bills Awaits the New President

    Just days before the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, legislators and lawmakers are composing a variety of proposed bills aimed at reforming the face of housing in 2009. The influx of new bills is in its early stages, but it will certainly make for no shortage of work for the 111th Congress and the 44th President of the United States.
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  • Down Payment Assistance Officially Dead, For Now

    It's official. Down payment assistance -- DAP or DPA to most industry participants -- has gone the way of the Tyranosaurus Rex, independent Wall Street investment banks and the even textbooks that once suggested Pluto as the outermost planet in our solar system. That is to say that DPA is no more, effective today. The Housing and Economic Recovery Act, signed into law this past July by President George W. Bush, included a provision that banned downpayment assistance programs beginning on Oct. 1.
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