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  • Trump's Trump Card: the $20m Discount

    You know the luxury penthouse might be overpriced in today's market if the developer has to offer a $20m discount to attract buyers. It also says something about the cash reserves of the developer if he waits around 54 weeks before cutting the price. And that's just what developer Donald Trump did when he recently cut the asking price of a four-bedroom penthouse at 502 Park Ave. A New York Post article has the scoop on the luxury apartment, which was slashed to $31m from $51m.
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  • Frank: Censorship at the WSJ

    House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) took the unusual step Tuesday of releasing an op-ed piece he claimed in a press statement that the Wall Street Journal refused to run.
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  • Well, that didn't take long

    Barry Ritholtz should catch some hell for taking less than three days to be proven VERY wrong on his price of oil prediction. On June 3, he wrote the following, thanks to an Economist cover on oil prices: For those of us who believe in such things as contrary indicators, this suggests a short term top in Oil to me. I would bet we don't see new highs in Oil for the next 6 months, and perhaps even 12 months.
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