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  • No teenagers allowed: New Orleans landlord accused of discrimination

    HUD charges property owner with discriminating against families with children
    A New Orleans landlord stands accused of discriminating against families with children after allegedly repeatedly stating that he did not want any teenagers living on the property. The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced late last week that it is charging Earmastine Nelson with housing discrimination for running a real estate ad on Craigslist that stated “NO TEENAGERS PLEASE.”
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  • Stats show short-term rentals in New Orleans, Chicago drop

    New crackdown against vacation rental services pays off
    Short-term rentals in New Orleans and Chicago saw a decrease even as they increased in other parts of the U.S. One expert explains this new decrease is due to these cities cracking down on sites such as Airbnb, requiring owners to register with the city and enforcing other regulations.
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  • New Orleans cracks down on Airbnb rentals

    Sent out more than 400 notices
    New Orleans is cracking down on its Airbnb rentals as it sent out more than 400 notices to 382 properties. However, cracking down is turning out to be difficult, and the coming week will bring more changes to the city’s procedures.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Will Airbnb disrupt the housing market?

    Single-family rentals in New Orleans offer compelling evidence
    In May of 2016, Airbnb had almost 1.4 listings on the site and raised its revenue projection for this year to more than $900 million. But the site impacts more than just hotel chains. As more investors, not just homeowners, use the site to rent out spare rooms — and even spare couches — it strains the supply of rental houses.
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  • New Orleans planning huge public property auction

    City seeks to revitalize blighted neighborhoods
    The city of New Orleans is planning to auction of 3,000 tax-adjudicated properties in an effort to revitalize some of the city’s blighted neighborhoods. According to a report in the New Orleans Times-Picayune, prospective buyers will be able to view the properties online beginning March 6 and may be able to claim a property for as little as $3,000.
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  • New Orleans starts to thrive again

    It's now one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate cities
    New Orleans is becoming a vibrant city once again. Eight years after Hurricane Katrina, the party town is now one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate markets.
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