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  • moving into the real estate industry

    The online retailer is launching a property management site with hopes of becoming a one-stop shop for the real estate market is breaking into the real estate market. The online retailer will begin to manage properties for landlords of single-family rental properties and multifamily housing developments via its new property management site, Houserie. Overstock purchased Houserie back February in preparation for its bid to become a one-stop real estate shop.
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  • RealtyTrac names new CEO

    Jamie Moyle will become the new CEO of RealtyTrac, the online foreclosure database and analytics firm.Moyle joined the company last year as he put together the...
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  • As REO Inventory Grows, Vendors Jockey For Position

    REO is hot. Make that super hot. As foreclosures have soared, so have the number of properties owned by banks and now on the market to be resold; and that means the companies looking to help lenders sell their REO are facing astronomical growth rates, too, to say nothing of the local listing agents and brokers in the REO space. But that growth has also made the market to help sell institutionally-owned homes ripe for entry -- and two such new entrants underscore the big draw that selling REOs now has.
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  • Foreclosure listing sites have now officially jumped the shark

    Foreclosures are mainstream now -- but have they become too mainstream? Evidence into the docket Tuesday comes courtesy of discount retailer, which put out a press released touting it's new foreclosure search engine. We're not making this up. Some useless chest-thumping from the press statement is always good for comedic value:
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