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  • From HW Magazine

    Malicious intent

    Mortgage companies face security threats from within and without
    It's been a bad year for data breaches, and it seems like it will only be a matter of time before a data breach, on the scale of the Target breach, hits a mortgage firm. And considering the depth and breadth of personal information gathered on each and every borrower, the headline risk, not to mention the impact on mortgage customers' lives, could be far more explosive than what the retail giant felt.
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  • Where's your money safe?

    It may not be the Second Great Depression, but it's the most severe economic contraction most of us have seen in our lifetimes. While we haven't experienced the bread lines stretching around the corner or general despondency seen in the Depression-era '30s, we have experienced significant losses of personal wealth, savings, retirement funds, homes, jobs and peace of mind.
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  • Guest writing at CR this week

    This week, I'm helping my friends at Calculated Risk -- which means much of the content that might have appeared as a BuzzPost will likely end up over there. Take this post on FHASecure, for example. The CR blog is one of the economic area's best, and I'm glad to help a friend out. Feel free to read liberally, if reading blogs is your thing.
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  • HUD Extends Comment Period for RESPA Reform

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Wednesday afternoon that it had extended the public comment period on the Bush Administration's proposed reforms to the real estate settlement process, bowing to Congressional as well as industry pressure. The administration proposed sweeping changes to the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act on March 17, including provisions that would expand HUD’s enforcement authority under the Act.
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  • 2008 Reader Survey: Tell HW What You Think

    CLICK HERE to take the reader survey. Many readers know that in the weeks ahead, Housing Wire will be expanding further -- and that I'll begin accepting advertising for this site as well as unveiling an improved site design. HW has managed to sit in the sweet spot between trade media and industry blog, something that we'll be growing substantially here during 2008.
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  • MLN Saga Plays On

    The Advocate reports that GMAC-RFC wants the comments of ex-MLN CEO Mitch Heffernan stricken from court records; he had asserted that it was RFC's fault employees weren't paid before being laid off.
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  • eMortgage Provider Touts PDF Capabilities

    Document Processing Systems, Inc., a Novi, Mich.-based provider of mortgage technology solutions, sadi Wednesday that users of its DPS eMortgage Studio will now have the ability to fully sign, close, and register eNotes using the just-released MISMO eSigned PDF Guidelines v1.0 and the draft MERS eRegistry PDF Guidelines. Using the DPS eMortgage Studio, lenders and title companies will have a choice between using the industry-specific SMART Docs format or Adobe's universal PDF file format for electronic loan documentation. The PDF format is widely considered the de facto standard by which to preserve the exact look of a document in a device-independent manner.
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