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  • How little we really know

    As the economic theories of F.A. Hayek and John Maynard Keynes get revisited amid the worst financial crisis in generations, one film producer decided a music video would be a great way to explain the money problems facing the nation. Fear the Boom and Bust shows the 20th century economists ('taches and all) trading their views on markets and policy by spitting 21st century-styled lyrics back-and-forth in a rap video (what else?).
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  • RBS Writes Down $11.4 Billion, As U.S. Mortgages Bite

    Conservative estimates certainly came in handy for Royal Bank of Scotland's [stock RBS][/stock] CEO Sir Fred Goodwin on Friday, with the bank reporting a whopping 5.9 billion pounds ($11.4 billion) in credit market write downs; the bank's six-month loss of 802 million pounds ($1.5 billion) was well off earnings of 3.6 billion pounds ($6.9 billion) one year ago, and was the first in its history.
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