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  • Phillip Schulman, partner at Mayer Brown, to speak at

    Will speak on RESPA co-marketing panel
    Lenders and real estate agents have to be careful as they navigate the murky compliance waters of MSAs, co-advertising arrangements, desk rentals and lead generation agreements. That's why we've invited Phillip Schulman, a partner in Mayer Brown's Washington D.C. office, to lead a discussion at on RESPA and co-marketing concerns.
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  • Lower-tier markets a new goldmine for investors

    Clear Capital: "Major opportunity in these lower tiers"
    A new industry report from Clear Capital shows that low-tier markets are becoming more appealing to investors looking to make a profit, as the divide between the price growth in high-end and low-end properties continues to widen. "For both first-time homebuyers and investors, this should signal a major opportunity in these lower tiers," said Alex Villacorta, vice president of research and analytics at Clear Capital.
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  • CFPB, regulatory concerns drive Bank of America out of MSAs

    Megabank joins Wells Fargo, others in discontinuing marketing agreements
    Citing “recent regulatory developments,” Bank of America will become the latest lender to discontinue its use of marketing services agreements. The move comes just days after the CFPB issued guidance on MSAs, which some in the industry viewed as a "strong warning" against using the marketing agreements.
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  • CFPB doubles down against marketing services agreements

    Underscores that MSAs could constitute mortgage kickbacks
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a bulletin that basically doubles down on a warning they put out in July about marketing services agreements. It's the stick-and-stick approach going forward, it seems. Will it work? Is it fair?
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  • CFPB to mortgage industry: Get out of MSAs

    Industry calls move regulation by enforcement
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants mortgage lenders to stop using marketing services agreements, and it’s using the stick rather than the rules process to do so. The industry says no fair, that's regulation by enforcement. What do you think?
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  • Radar Logic: Composite Price Index Gains 1.2%

    A composite index of 25 major US metropolitan markets showed a 1.2% increase in house prices in April. Radar Logic's 25-MSA (metropolitan statistical area) RPX index showed the largest monthly increase since June 2007. The composite remains 20% below its year-ago level, however, and overall has plunged 32% below its peak.
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  • Report: Distressed RE Nears 20 Percent of Nationwide Sales

    There are motivated home sellers, and then there are motivated home sellers. In this market, that term has taken on new meaning, capturing sales made under borrower duress as well as institutional sellers looking to sell off REO properties in an effort to clear their books. And the number of motivated sellers, by most accounts, has been growing pretty dramatically, pretty much in tandem with declining property values and mushrooming foreclosure totals.
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