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  • [LISTEN] Regtech Report, Episode #5: LoanLogics CEO: The middle of mortgage lending is a nightmare

    Solving lending problems between the mortgage bookends
    In the final installment of the Regtech Report, HousingWire Editor-in-Chief Jacob Gaffney talks with the CEO of LoanLogics, Brian Fitzpatrick, on the next wave of significant mortgage disruption: regtech. Fitzpatrick outlines the roadblocks facing the full end-to-end implementation of the digital mortgage. According to Fitzpatrick, regtech can help us get there in ways that "traditional fintech has failed."
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  • LoanLogics names Bill Neville as president, COO

    Neville brings more than 20 years of experience to company
    LoanLogics announced recently that industry veteran Bill Neville has joined the company as its president and chief operating officer. Neville will oversee operational controls, technology and software development, and more for the company, In addition to his executive role, Neville will also now serve on LoanLogics' board of directors.
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  • From HW Magazine

    LoanLogics synchronizes manufacturing and quality-control process for lenders

    Automated quality management improves customer service and increases investor confidence
    The impact of in-line, automated quality management and loan manufacturing goes beyond cost reduction and extends to significantly improving customer service and increasing investor confidence. Lenders can improve borrower satisfaction by reducing delays, closing loans faster and providing more competitive pricing, all the while assuring investors of the quality of the assets that are produced.
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  • Executive Conversation: Brian Fitzpatrick on the future of loan origination

    LoanLogics offers flexible solutions and business intelligence for the next wave of consumers
    The future demands a flexible workflow and flexible rules. It demands that certain things that are critical to the mortgage asset are accessible via an API, or application programming interface. This is a different mentality than we’ve seen in the past, with lenders using brittle, inflexible monolithic-type systems.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2015 HW Vanguard Award winners

    HousingWire recognizes 27 executives leading the housing economy
    All of the sectors of the housing economy now — real estate, lending, servicing and investing — are navigating unchartered territory. The challenges are new and the processes scrutinized as never before. Against that backdrop, we at HousingWire thought it was appropriate to recognize the tremendous leadership within the mortgage space with our first annual HW Vanguard Awards. Companies in our business couldn’t have survived the crisis, or formed in this brave new world, without serious leadership.
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