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  • SEC Gets Tough on 'Naked' Short Sales

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday made permanent a rule against so-called "naked" short sales in the securities market and detailed some short sale reporting initiatives it said will increase transparency of the practice. In a "naked" short sale, the investor short sells shares it has yet to borrow. The practice, although blamed for pushing down stock prices through speculation alone, was permitted as long as no legal requirement forced short sellers to borrow the shares before selling them short.
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  • Goldman, Others Draw SEC's Attention; Fall of Bear Stearns Questioned

    Let's play a game of hypotheticals: what if the fall of Bear Stearns was really due to market manipulation by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. [stock GS][/stock] and other Wall Street firms, directly or indirectly spreading false rumors that sent the company's shares into a tailspin? And what if the same sort of chicanery were now responsible for tanking shares at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. [stock LEH][/stock]?
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