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  • NAMB urges CFPB to re-examine policies

    Asks bureau to develop process to reclassify consumers’ submissions
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers recently asked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to address immediate changes needed within the Consumer Complaint and Consumer Inquiry Handling Processes. NAMB states that the bureau falsely reported that consumers were experiencing extensive issues with mortgage brokers, but 90% of complaints were registered against lender and bank loan originators, not mortgage brokers.
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  • Former NAMB president joins newly formed AIME

    Group adds compliance and regulatory council
    The newly formed Association of Independent Mortgage Experts announced it grew its leadership team with the addition of a senior vice president of legislative and government affairs. AIME announced former National Association of Mortgage Brokers President John Councilman joined its leadership team.
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  • NAMB seeks to ban credit bureau sales of trigger leads

    Urges Congress to add restrictions to bills
    The National Association of Mortgage Brokers, an association that represents the interests of individual mortgage loan originators and small to mid-size mortgage businesses, announced it is seeking to ban the sale of trigger leads. The association explained mortgage trigger leads are created and sold by the national credit bureaus and are comprised of a significant amount of personal information from mortgage applicants.
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  • NAMB names John Stevens president

    Elected to a one-year appointment
    NAMB, an association that represents the interests of individual mortgage loan originators and small to mid-size mortgage businesses, officially named former president-elect John Stevens as its new president. In his role, Stevens will spearhead the organization’s overall strategies, which includes growing its reach by expanding its membership.
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    NAMB's KickStart fuels independent mortgage businesses

    Startup funding gave me the opportunity to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams
    I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a good deal of success since opening my business at the end of 2016, as our team funded 39 units for $15.1 million in loans in the first six months. That’s pretty good for a startup. My goal now is to fund 90 units for $30 million in loans this first year, then add one or two quality people to our team and have sustainable growth to fund 120 units in 2018.
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  • Want to become a mortgage broker? Here are tips on how to get started

    What are the common misconceptions?
    Mortgage brokers fall into the entrepreneur/startup category of the mortgage finance world. After taking a serious hit in the aftermath of the financial crisis, the industry is seeing a rebound in interest, especially as people think about how much money they can make if they work hard. So do you have what it takes to become a broker? Here's some advice from brokers themselves on where to start.
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