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  • Housing discrimination lawsuit against Bank of America gets green light

    Judge denies motion to dismiss
    A federal judge in Maryland denied a motion Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit brought against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management by the National Fair Housing Alliance, 19 fair housing organizations and two homeowners for alleged fair housing violations. According to the judge, the facts presented allow for a “reasonable inference that the defendants violated anti-discrimination provisions of the Fair Housing Act.”
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  • From HW Magazine

    Largest provider of default services utilizes tech to push the field services industry forward

    Safeguard Properties continues to enhance its SafeView Field Services Platform with next-gen multimedia mobile application
    As the largest provider of mortgage default field services, Safeguard Properties leads the industry by delivering a full spectrum of services on vacant, defaulted and foreclosed properties across the country. As an industry leader, Safeguard's commitment to technology has pushed the field services industry forward.
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  • Servicers must adjust operation policies to meet HUD conveyance deadlines and avoid delays

    Q&A with Michael Greenbaum on the role HUD plays for conveyance deadlines
    Reconveyances are one of the biggest challenges mortgage servicers face. With constant changes in leadership, guidelines, HUD vendors and the interpretations of regulations, servicers face significant hurdles with FHA loans. Michael Greenbaum, COO of Safeguard Properties, talks about the steps servicers can take to meet conveyance deadlines and the expansion of FHA's CWCOT program.
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  • Civil rights groups bring shocking housing discrimination lawsuit against Bank of America

    Claim violations under federal Fair Housing Act
    Civil rights groups are coming together to bring a lawsuit against Bank of America and Safeguard Properties Management for alleged fair housing violations. A group of 20 fair housing organizations and two homeowners from Maryland filed a lawsuit against the two companies. The claims the civil rights groups make about the homes is nothing short of shocking.
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  • Safeguard Properties icon Robert Klein passes away

    Property preservation guru gone too soon
    An icon in both the housing industry and in the Jewish community, Safeguard Properties Chairman Robert Klein died May 3, 2018, at age 65. Even though he officially retired, he still remained active in his community and various business interests. He will be missed and the industry is lesser without him.
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  • 2018 Power Players

    These five companies provide a host of services and solutions while maintaining regulatory demands
    Mortgage service providers walk a tightrope of regulatory demands that they must meet while delivering a full spectrum of services and solutions to their clients. In this section, we profile five companies creating new products, new efficiencies and new opportunities in a dynamic mortgage servicing market. 
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    Safeguard Properties leverages mobile to capture real-time property conditions

    Proactive in developing new technologies for servicers and investors
    Technology plays a strategic role at Safeguard, which inspects and preserves vacant and foreclosed properties throughout the U.S. The company is proactive in developing technologies to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and in creating systems to assure the highest rate of clean audit findings. 
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    Managing litigation inside and out

    How an in-house team of lawyers can benefit your company
    Managing internal communications and preventing employees from destroying privilege, which can happen simply by including individuals outside the company on communications that are privileged, is one of the most critical aspects of litigation management.
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