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  • Former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld breaks auction record with ranch sale

    Sets new record for most expensive property sold via auction
    The sale of a luxury ranch owned by former Lehman Brothers CEO Dick Fuld just set a new record for the most expensive property ever sold via auction. The ranch was expected to fetch $30 million and $50 million, but how much did it actually sell for?
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  • Congress Gets Busy Investigating Financial Mess, Mortgages

    If you were worried that your elected officials were twiddling their thumbs while the nation's housing and financial markets fall apart, you'll be able to rest easy in coming weeks. A review by HW of upcoming Congressional hearings shows that both mortgages and financial woes are sitting front and center, and should provide us with some interesting reporting over the next few weeks.
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  • Lehman to Raise $6 Billion; Expects $2.8 Billion Loss in Q2

    Seeking to quell investor and market speculation about its future, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. [stock LEH][/stock] said before market open on Monday morning that it expected to post a $2.8 billion loss for the second quarter as it struggles with the continued collapse of the private-party mortgage securities market, the securities firm's first-ever quarterly loss as a publicly-traded company. The embattled Wall Street bank also said it would raise $6 billion, in an effort to shore up its capital resources amid continuing deterioration in the national housing market.
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