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  • 2-city housing boom hits Nevada

    Reno, Carson City jump in Veros index
    Reno will appreciate at a rate of 9.5% over the next year. The neighboring Carson City MSA is also projected to see property values appreciate at 9.5%. Neither was in the Top Ten for home price appreciation last quarter. So what happened?
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  • New Penn Financial expands into Nevada with launch of Synergy Home Mortgage

    Launches joint venture with Reno real estate agencies
    New Penn Financial, a mortgage lender that is owned by Shellpoint Partners, announced Monday that it is expanding into Nevada by launching Synergy Home Mortgage. Synergy Home Mortgage is a joint venture between New Penn and local real estate firms Dickson Realty and Ferrari-Lund Real Estate.
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  • Presidential hopefuls must address housing issues

    The Republican presidential candidates let a great opportunity slip away during Tuesday night's presidential debate to explain how they would address the nation's housing problems to get the housing market and economy back on track. There can be no economic recovery without a housing recovery, yet the silence on housing was deafening during the debate. As a homebuilder from Reno, Nev., it is particularly ironic that with the debate in Las Vegas — the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis — the candidates chose to duck this topic and other critical housing issues.
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  • Two More Banks Head into FDIC Hands

    On Friday evening, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said that two more banks had been deemed a failure; the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency had closed both after saying that each was undercapitalized.
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  • 84 Percent of Nation's Housing Market Sees Prices Decline in Q1

    Widespread price declines characterized much of the nation's housing market in the first quarter, with single-family home prices dropping at a steep 6.7 percent annualized rate according to a report issued Monday afternoon by economic and financial analysis firm Global Insight, Inc. The first-quarter drop was the third straight quarterly decline in housing prices, according to the company's research.
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